Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Happy dance.....(well hop actually!!!!)

Having the best mini day ever!!!  (well its probably one of my first ones, ha ha!) first thing this morning two of my ebay miniature purchases arrived, Im really pleased with both bits and they are perfect for altering!

When mum came over at lunchtime she told me that last night at club, Sharon had given her a little present for me - Sharon's just returned home from a holiday in the US.  Sharon had bought me some lovely mirrors. - Big thankyou hun, they are lovely!

Then mum suddenly remembers to tell me that there's a dolls house in a cupboard in her back bedroom that's been there for years,  which was full of dolls house furniture, and did I want it?  She got it from an elderly lady years ago who used to collect but had to go into a residential home and didn't have room for it an longer.  Mum had been saving it for a grand-daughter.....(!)

So off Mum goes and returns with two shopping bags (gulp!) full of fab stash!!!!  It was christmas morning with the two of us going through the bags and the two biscuit tins that were inside.

Now the majority of it isn't perfect quality, however once I have a chance to paint and refurb, hopefully Ill be able to use most of it in one project or another!

I am chuffed to bits, and if I didn't have a broken ankle I defiantly would be doing a happy dance! however I'm content to sit on the sofa and hand jive at the moment!!!!

Love the little leather biking jacket!  really appropriate as Im a biker b!tch!!!  ha ha!! And notice the ginormous sweet corn - I think they would be about 18" in size if they were to scale!!!

Now heres the weird bit.....there was a number of china dolls house dolls in the bag, however a few of them didnt have heads, arms or legs.............We have no idea what happened to the missing apendages.......But Ive kept them in case I do a horror house later!  ha ha!!! waste not want not!!!!

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  1. Wow what a fantastic find and what a lovely way to spend a cold November day while you rest and recover? I bet all these pieces will be unrecognisable once you have had your hands on them.
    I loved the kit this week. Gorgeous colours and design, even if it did contain lots of cut out flowers GGrrrrr (anyway it's now saved for my next Debden he he)