Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hallo Dollies

Thought all my gal friends would like to see this programme about dolls houses thats being shown on Channel 4 OD.  I got the link through a dolls house forum I belong to 'The dolls house emporium discussion Forum' so a big thanks to Sal for posting the link.

hallo dollies - channel 4 programme

Ive met Kevin Mulvany & Susie Rogers and also Caroline Hamilton at the Kensington Dolls House Festival years ago.  Kevin and Susie's work is FABULOUS! so incredibly detailed and architecturally perfect.  I remember years ago seeing their versions of the Palace of Versaille and also Brighton Pavilion, just breathtaking.

have a look at their work on their website or google Mulvany and Rogers in google images.

Mulvany & Rogers


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  1. Lucky thing meeting those incredibly talented people! I have Caroline Hamilton's one book and wish so much she would write a second and of course also have Magnificient Miniatures.