Monday, 21 February 2011

Mini-ing weekend...........

I was lucky enough to get away this weekend with the lovely Debden Scrappers, had a fab weekend, but whilst they were busy toiling away with their paper and cardstock, I worked on my minis!

The first thing I finished was a McQueenie Miniatures kit of a Mahogany washstand with red glazed tiles that the Debden Scrappers bought for me last year on my birthday.  The washstand started life looking like this.....

Mine was the same kit but had plain burgandy glazed tiles

Four coats of paint, a lot of distressing and my new tile finishes, and my washstand now looks like this.....

Next I worked on another Mcqueenie Miniatures birthday pressie - a teeny letter rack - before and after photos below, on this one I lined the letter rack with some tiny print patterned paper.

Next came a lovely little 1930's art deco frame, designed and cut by the lovely Bob at South East Essex miniatures - Ive painted it much to Bob's disgust as it was mahogany!
 I was lucky enough over the weekend to get two pressies, Sharon bought me a set of 3D scrapbook stickers with gorgeous watercolour prints on them and Lindsay bought me a lovely little frame.  I took the scrapbook stickers apart and cut out one of the prints, shabbied up the frame and put the two together - voila!

The last thing I finished over the weekend was a potting table inspired by Sabiha at Sabs Miniatures blog


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