Monday, 14 February 2011

broken hearted.............

 I had such good intentions, but as usual ended up making Kevs valentine's card at the last minute.......9.30 this morning!!! I needed to do it before he got up (we've both got the day off work to be romantic, and clear out the loft! ha ha!).

Id seen a fabulous card on two peas that I was going to scrap lift, and I got all my stash together to re-create Vera Holloway's fabulous 'Be mine' card, - here's the picture

however, the fates intervened...........

I got out my heart punches, punched three hearts using the large punch and it promptly broke!, with only slight panic setting it, I decided I could get away with re-creating the card using lots more of the small hearts instead.......punched two hearts and the small heart punch broke! So now I had three large hearts and two small hearts, and two broken punches.

well ok, Im a designer (don't you know! ha ha!), I can create something out of nothing.........  I then got out the K&Co rub-ons Id been saving for ages - do you know the ones? from the valentines pack? the glue and glitter ones? from about 3/4 years ago?

I cut out a small rub on - 'I 'heart' you', started rubbing on the card......and they were crap!  I think in all honesty the glue had gone off, so there was I running around the house looking for a zig pen to hand write the saying and cover it with glitter.........and all the time I could hear Kev moving around upstairs, getting ready to come down........I actually filled in the missing glue with zig sailor pen, and I got it finished in the nick of time, ready on the mantelpiece before he came in the room, but both me and the kitchen are now covered in red glitter.......and you know girls, glitter gets everywhere (but thats another story......)

Here's the finished card, which Kev actually said 'god that's simple, but so effective!' - not sure if this translates to ' well you didn't put yourself out much did you?' ha ha!

and the moral to my story is..........(so many I'm bullet pointing
  • be prepared
  • don't leave it until the last minute
  • if you're a designer, don't scraplift! you can do it!
  • don't use punches on cardstock, and when one breaks, don't repeat your folly with another punch!
  • Use your stash before it goes off
  • Keep essential supplies close to hand - I found the zig pen in a carrier bag with a load of lolly sticks - don't ask!
  • Spend as much effort on your loved one as you would on your scrap mates (been working all week on just one of my '5' projects......Think Kev might have noticed the in-balance of time and effort..ha ha!)
happy valentines everyone! hope you have a good day!

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