Sunday, 30 January 2011

CHA Sneak Peeks - what about these lovelies?

First of all some bits that might be useful to my miniature friends......

Check out these little frames from 'miss fancy pants' they would look lovely with a little photo or print in them and then shabbied up - wadda ya think?

Im really interested in see the sizes of these little cameos from Websters, I think one would look lovely on a wall in a miniature bedroom perhaps?

Both Tim Holtz and 7Gypsies have brought out a range of glass bottles - I have some of the original bottles that 7gypsies produced and they are a perfect size for miniatures, but they proved fatal for scrapbooking in albums, a bit of weight and they shattered under pressure, Im sure they would be fine for altered art work or even cards. 


I love the pink paislee butterfly garden, especially the little charms on old fashioned safety pins, hope they are small enough to use as decor in my dolls house!!

Some more sparkly lovelies from Websters.  They have produced a few different sets of vintage sparklies - yummy aint they?
And what about this 'printers' tray for either showing off miniatures or for altered art, another gorgeous addition to the Tim Holtz Configurations range.

 want some more tomorrow?    lol!!!

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