Friday, 3 December 2010

Baby its cold outside!.............

because of the snow and the non existent heating in the hall, we are postponing the Christmas party at Romford Scrapaholics for a week - hopefully the hall will be a little warmer on the 13th Dec (actually I have it in my diary for both the 6th and the 13th.......!).  Im hoping to be back on my feet by then as well........fingers crossed!

Here's a photo I took yesterday from my back door of the icicles on the garage.   Some of them were over a foot long!

Because its so cold, the girls haven't been going out much, but as I had the back door open, Lizzy decided to have a look around and I managed to get a couple of photos of her - very difficult as she's quite defiant and wont look at you when you call her with a camera in your hand!! 

Anyways, keep warm!

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